The Tanforan Assembly Center Memorial Committee (TACMC) was formed in March 2012 to initiate a photographic exhibit of Dorothea Lange and Paul Kitagaki Jr works to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the opening of the former Tanforan Assembly Center.  With the approval and support of the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) Board of Directors and staff, the exhibit was installed at the San Bruno, CA train station and remains there today.  TACMC and the Contra Costa JACL have supported Paul Kitagaki Jr.’s efforts to create a traveling photographic exhibit of these images.  At the same time TACMC has been working on the creation of a permanent bronze statue memorial and plaza outside the San Bruno station, site of the former Tanforan Assembly Center.  This year we expect to temporarily install the new bronze statue inside the train station.


President       -             Doug Yamamoto

Vice President    -        Steve Okamoto

Treasurer      -              David Inada

Secretary     -               Gail Wiemann

Board Members   -     Ken Ijichi

                                      Robbin Kawabata

                                      Paul Kitagaki Jr

                                      Karyl Matsumoto

                                      Richard Oba

                                      Paul Okada

                                      Diana Okamoto

                                      Valentina Rozas

                                      Richard Sekiguchi

                                      Ben Takeshita

                                      Esther Takeuchi